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Colin Bradshaw-Jones has been putting music and sounds to use for various purposes for decades. These have included learning, relaxation, entertainment, and ultimately quieting the mind. A silence comes from sounds.

Lucy’s Unusual Sunday (Dydd Sul Anarferol Lleucu in Welsh) is the remarkable new album from Colin, and includes 5 music tracks for your own use.

Enter a new world, take a walk in the park, play while working, or simply quiet a mind to this expansive classic.

A beautifully produced and packaged CD which includes cover art by Howard David Johnson, the Master of Fantastic Realism.

Also available as instant lossless downloads.

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Over time habits, fears and other thoughts build up a kind of ‘thought pollution’ which gets in the way of your experience of the world.  A lot of these thoughts and programs may be necessary, but there may be times when a quieter mind can give you a richer experience of life, a more direct connection with your world.

Through a clear, simple and direct series of audio recordings we can show you:

  • how your mind can be a both tool for genius and a maddening distraction
  • techniques to help quiet the mind when and if you should choose to

Getting Quiet is available now as an audio download pack from our audio store. Click on the picture to find out more.

Mabinogion, The Four Branches, the famous Welsh epic is now available as a prestigious Presentation Edition or as an audio download set.

Beautifully recorded in Wales by Colin Bradshaw-Jones, this 4-CD collection captures the spirit and excitement of these wonderful stories, and allows them to be experienced as they were always meant to be - heard.

Each of the four CDs is handsomely illustrated by leading fantasy artist Howard David Johnson, and for a limited time each of the four CDs contains an attractive art insert of the cover artwork. Plus, this presentation set includes an extra CD, an exclusive Introduction to the Four Branches at no extra cost

The Presentation Edition, and the audio downloads are available now from our audio store.